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Asthma Monitoring

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Asthma Monitoring

By Rawlings Oke Godwin

On 22 Aug, 2022

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Asthma Monitoring

Asthma is a common lung condition that affects people of all ages and so is asthma monitoring important. It is caused by inflammation in the airways, which makes it difficult to breathe. This is a widespread condition that all people should be aware of. Asthma affects people of all ages, including children, older adults and people with other respiratory diseases. Symptoms of asthma include wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to management of asthma, but there are a few key things that can help keep it under control. These include avoiding triggers, using medication as prescribed, and seeing your doctor regularly for checkups or seek emergency care when necessary.

Asthma: When To See Your Doctor

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of asthma, see your doctor / healthcare provider for a diagnosis and treatment decisions. Your doctor plan could be discussing peak flow measurements with patients, quick-relief measures, action plan for daily activities and helping you know when your asthma is well monitored and controlled.

Monitoring Asthma / How To Monitor Asthma

Monitoring Symptoms

The best asthma monitoring way is to keep track of your symptoms. This can help you and your doctor figure out if your asthma is getting worse, better or staying the same.

Some common symptoms of asthma include:

  • -Coughing, especially at night
  • -Wheezing
  • -Shortness of breath
  • -Chest tightness
  • -Running out of breath easily

Asthma Monitoring With Symptom diary

You can keep track of your symptoms by using a symptom diary. This is a notebook where you can write down your symptoms every day or following an episode. This can help you and your doctor see if there is a pattern to your symptoms.

Asthma Monitoring & Medications

asthma medication

Another way to monitor asthma is to monitor your medications. This means keeping track of how much medicines /medication you are using and when.

Monitoring Environment

You can also help monitor your asthma by monitoring your environment to identify triggers that usually lead to worsening of condition. This means keeping track of things that can trigger your asthma symptoms


Your doctor may want you to use a peak flow meter to help monitor your asthma.

Peak Flow Meter And Asthma Monitoring

A device used to measure air flow rate, which is an indicator of airway obstruction. It is a simple, hand-held device that measures how fast you can blow out air from your lungs. It is used for asthma control assessment and also a breathing test for asthma .

To use a peak flow meter:

1. Remove the mouthpiece cover and shake the meter well.

2. Hold the meter in one hand and the mouthpiece in the other.

3. Breathe out hard and fast, and put the mouthpiece in your mouth.

4. Blow out hard and fast again.

5. Record the number on the peak flow meter.

Your doctor may ask you to use a peak flow meter to monitor your asthma . You should use the peak flow meter every day, at the same time, to get the most accurate reading.

Asthma Test

There is no one definitive test for asthma. There are a variety of tests that your doctor may use to help diagnose asthma, including a physical exam, a review of your symptoms, and tests to measure how well you breathe.

A spirometry test is often used to diagnose asthma. This test measures how much air you can exhale and how quickly you can exhale. People with asthma often have difficulty exhaling air quickly.

Other tests that may be used by your healthcare providers in diagnosing asthma include a chest x-ray, a test of your peak expiratory flow, and a test to measure how much air you can exhale in a single breath.

Asthma Test Online

Online asthma test is an easy and convenient way to monitor your asthma symptoms and control. This is not readily available.


Asthma monitoring is therefore essential in order to maintain control of the symptoms. There are many different ways to monitor asthma, depending on the severity of the symptoms and the preferences of the patient. Some of the most common methods include peak flow measurements, daily symptom logs, and pulmonary function tests.

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