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fear and anxiety

By Bekee

On 24 Jul, 2022

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Fear And Anxiety; 11 HELPFUL WAYS

Fear and anxiety can be helpful signs that something might be wrong. However, you should be careful of the possible associated long-term problems they cause. You will learn 11 ways to overcome them.

You create your own anxiety and fear. You can also make peace with yourself.

Choose to reduce the impact of fear and worry in your life by doing the following:

1. Breath

Breathing is the quickest way to stop feeling scared or worried. When we have thoughts or situations that make us feel scared, we start to breathe quickly and shallowly. This sets off a chain of physical changes that make you feel scared and worried. You can stop this from happening if you take deep, slow breaths.

•. Try taking short, quick breaths for 60 seconds and see how it makes you feel. Now, try to take slower, deeper breaths. Look at how they are different.

2. Be yourself

Keep acting as you would if you had nothing to worry about. You can tell the part of yourself that is scared that everything is fine. If you act like everything is fine, your brain will start to think that it is.

3. Spend Time With Friends And Family

Spend time with friends and family who are there for you. A night out can be a great way to relieve stress and worry. A long conversation about important things over a cup of coffee can be very helpful.

4. Be Optimistic

Have optimistic expectations. When you expect the worst, you feel fear and worry. If you think the best will happen, you can’t be afraid. Instead, you’ll feel excited.

5. Start Small

Begin small. Do spiders freak you out? Look at pictures of small spiders that are harmless until you feel calm and at ease.

6. Let it go

It’s common for the fear and anxiety you feel in one part of your life to spread to other parts. If you let it, a bad meeting with your boss in the morning could ruin the rest of your day. Once the event is over, you should decide to let it go and move on.

7. Sweat

Sweat When you’re scared or worried, your body makes chemicals that can stay in your body for a long time. Getting rid of them is easy if you work out. Work up a sweat, and your fears and worries will disappear. This is also a much better way to deal with bad feelings than using drugs, drinking too much, or eating too much.

8. Give yourself a reward

Celebrate when you’ve dealt with a difficult situation well. This will help your brain learn that even though these situations are stressful, they can lead to good things. Buy yourself a small thing or do something fun. Whatever makes you feel good is a good choice.

9. Do something

If you’re worried about something, do something to fix it. When you do something, you are taking responsibility. You also think about your plan more, which takes your mind off of your worries. The less fear and worry you feel, the more you can do to fix the problem.

10. Do something else

There are times when you can’t change what’s going on. Distractions can help in these situations. Make sure your distractions are good for you, like reading something helpful or going for a walk. At the very least, stay away from things that are unhealthy or cause more problems.

11. Tell yourself nice things.

Saying nice things to yourself can help you keep your mind on good things. How you talk to yourself changes how you feel and what you do.

When they get out of hand, fear and anxiety can make it hard to move. There are many ways to make these bad feelings less strong. People who feel fear and anxiety all the time are experts at making themselves feel that way.

Instead, become an expert at making people feel calm and safe. It just takes some getting used to.

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