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Flavored Condoms : Road To Addiction

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flavored condoms

By Rawlings Oke Godwin

On 6 Aug, 2022

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Flavored Condoms: Road To Addiction

There have been reports that young people in India are using flavored condoms to get high.

Although the benefits of the high can last 10 to 12 hours, the consumer’s mental and physical health may suffer as a result.

Addiction is possible with the condom mixture, according to a hospital employee interviewed by News 18.

Youths in West Bengal’s Durgapur district are turning to flavored condoms as a way to get high, according to local Indian media site News 18.

“An average of 3–4 packages were sold daily in the past. Packs of condoms have been vanishing from a store, as well “According to a medical supply business owner, who spoke to the publication.

For up to 10-12 hours after they’ve been submerged in hot water, polyurethane from flavoring condoms can be released, according to Vice.

According to a polyurethane website, polyurethane is a polymeric compound. It is utilized in daily items including building insulation, vehicle parts, and adhesive.

An individual will often consume the water after the condoms have been soaked for six to eight hours, according to Vice.

Durgapur Divisional Hospital staffer Dheeman Mandal told News 18 that the practice might be addictive.

“Carcinogens and terpenoids are present in condoms. Alcohol is formed as it decomposes. It’s easy to become sucked into the game. Dendrites glue also contains this aromatic component. There are a lot of people addicted to dendrites, as well “According to Mandal, he spoke to News 18.

Possible Adverse Effects Of Flavored Condoms Intoxication

According to experts interviewed by Vice, drinking flavored-condom water can have negative consequences.

Intoxication and addiction can result from drinking this water. The lungs and kidneys will be badly affected, as well as the neurological system, if ingested on a regular basis. “Vice spoke with internal medicine specialist Joydeep Ghosh at Fortis Hospital in Kolkata.

SL Raheja Hospital in Mumbai’s director of critical care, Sanjith Saseedharan, told Vice that “long-term usage of this might lead to mental disorders, including violent conduct, unconsciousness, and [in extreme cases] even death.”


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