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Obeying rules in high risk work places

By Rawlings Oke Godwin

On 14 Oct, 2021

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We all know that there are different jobs with varying degrees of risk. However, oilfields, oil rigs/ crude oil tankers are some of the most dangerous places to work and obeying rules is important.

Although these places are dangerous, there are guiding policies put in place by regulatory bodies, employers/ companies to eliminate or minimize the risks to safest levels. However, the employee has to obey those guiding principles for the benefit of all.

Working in high-risk environments like the aforementioned comes with commitment and obedience to rules and regulations. There are several dos and don’ts in places like the above.

The following are some DON’T

  1. There are places where you must not make phone calls.
  2. Some activities are restricted to accommodation
  3. Open fire is only allowed in some restricted areas/ by some specific employees 
  4. Smoking may be prohibited or restricted to some areas 
  5. Some jobs and activities are meant to be done by some specific employees.
  6. Working without safety gears is not allowed
  7. Your life jackets must be worn where needed
  8. Obeying announcements can save your life
  9.   Obeying monster calls can save your life.
  10. Illicit use of drugs is prohibited 
  11. Lies about medical condition is a crime because is can be detrimental to an employee and the company at large.

Conclusion: While obeying rules and regulations can be tasking, they are usually for the good of the employee and employer. Failing to obey rules and regulations may not just cause damage to the primary defaulter but others and the company at large.

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