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Weight Loss :Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight Faster

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Weight Loss

By Damilola Salami

On 13 Dec, 2021

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Food cravings make life difficult; just when we’re trying to lose weight; we get the impulse to open the refrigerator. We put some food in front of us for basic activities, and then the chips bag is suddenly empty. It’s time to exercise some self-control!

You should learn to control your hunger and eat less if you want to mindfully lose weight. This does not suggest that you will experience hunger, but rather that you will adjust little habits in your daily life. It won’t be as difficult if you follow the next seven suggestions.

1. Do not shop while hungry.

You’ve probably heard this advice before because it makes sense. When we are hungry, our bodies crave all things tasty, which sadly does not only include our favourite biscuits or vegetables. So just go to the supermarket and purchase the necessities (best with a shopping list).

2. Consume fewer amounts of food

We feel compelled to consume everything on our plate if there is a lot of it, especially if it is exceptionally excellent. You can eat less by just getting smaller servings – but don’t cheat! Doing this will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

3. Avoid eating in front of the television.

Mom used to leave us a tasty snack in front of the TV when we were kids, and we’ve carried on the tradition as adults. It’s so much easier to watch your favourite show while eating food on your lap. Unfortunately, this is a mistake because when we eat in front of the television, our brain is mostly focused on what we see and barely notices what we eat. Saturation does not occur until much later. So, when you’re eating, focus solely on your meal.

4. Increase your fibre intake.

Dietary fibre-rich foods will not only fill you up faster, but they also help with digestion. Nuts, whole-grain goods, and legumes, like fruits and vegetables, are wonderful snacks for combating the heat of hunger and, as a result, eating less. However, be careful not to overdo it with these foods, because, otherwise, constipation may occur.

5. Stay away from all-you-can-eat buffets.

This point is self-evident. Fully occupied tables, which provide us with an unending array of delectable dishes, appear to be very appealing. Even though such buffets can save money, they are completely useless for our objectives.

Stay away from foods that include taste enhancers.

Flavour enhancers like glutamate (E 621) and inosinate (E 630) stimulate the appetite significantly. That is why we desire to continue eating. As a result, avoid products with taste enhancers stated in the ingredients list when purchasing.

7. Chew more deliberately

Instead of cutting your food down, chew it more thoroughly and slowly. You may be assured good digestion by soaking the food with enough saliva, and the nutrients will be absorbed more easily. Furthermore, you will have a faster feeling of satiety and will eat less, resulting in faster weight loss.


You may simply change your diet and buying habits with a little discipline. What important is eating less and more deliberately? In this manner, you can lose weight without having to make too many sacrifices to attain your weight loss goal.

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