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What causes stroke

By Kelechi Maryjane Nnamuka

On 4 Jul, 2022

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What causes a stroke? This is a big question asked by people  regularly.  There are many myths associated with stroke. Some believe its spiritual while others think it’s a case of carelessness and old age.

What Causes a stroke and what exactly is stroke?

Stroke, also known as Cerebrovascular accident or CVA. It is a medical emergency whereby the brain loses its blood supply. It is also a condition that occurs when the blood vessels in the brain ruptures and bleeds.  Blockage of blood vessels to the brain can also cause it.

In simple terms;

Stroke can be defined as a condition where they is no enough oxygen supplies to the blood vessels in the brain.

What Causes of Stroke

There are a lot of risk factors that may predispose one to stroke.some may include;

1. High blood pressure

This condition also known as hypertension, Here,an individual blood pressure is above 130/90mmHg.

2. Smoking

Cigarette smoke is dangerous to the general health of an individual  while Nicotine which is found in tobacco may increase ones blood pressure and trigger stroke.

3. Heart disease

This condition includes defective heart valves as well as atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat, which causes a quarter of all strokes among the very elderly.

4. Diabetes

People who have it often have high blood pressure and are more likely to be overweight. Both raise the chance of a stroke.

5. Medications

Gorelick discussed the stroke risk associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), antidepressants, vitamin E, statins, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and testosterone replacement therapy. “These drugs have a small risk of stroke, but there is a risk of stroke,” said Dr. Gorelick.

6. Age

Stroke can be found among any age group whether young or old. But as one get older there are more chances of having stroke.

7. Family

Stroke could be hereditary. That is it could be in ones gene and may be triggered by any other health condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Types of stroke

There are two  main types of stroke.

  1. Ischemic : this is when an artery inside or leading to the brain becomes completely blocked hence cutting the blood supply to the brain.About 85% of stroke are ischemic caused by atherosclerosis.
  2. Hemorrhagic :These strokes are caused by bleeding into the brain.Most commonly, high blood pressure causes a small artery to burst open.The bleeding disrupts healthy blood flow to brain tissue.Hemorrhagic strokes are less common, making up about 13% of all strokes.
  3. TIA, this is what some call mini stroke. It is a stroke that occurred with full recovery within  a day.

Signs/ Symptoms of Stroke



3.Severe headache

4.Loss of balance

5.Vision changes

6.loss of coordination

Treatment of stroke

1.Medication:Altepase,Blood thinners,anti hypertensive drugs,ACE inhibitors

2.Supportive care:cardiac monitoring

3.Sugery:cardiac endarterectomy

4.Therapies:speech therapy,Rehabilitation,Occupational therapy,stroke rehabilitation,physical therapy.



Stroke Fact Sheet

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