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Long stay away from home

By Rawlings Oke Godwin

On 29 Sep, 2021

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Long stay away from home because of work can be demanding with several challenges as stated in my last post. 

Although, most employers/ companies envisage some of the above challenges and they try to put facilities in place and also structure their work schedule in a way that some of the above challenges could be eliminated or minimized. 

Some employers try to create an atmosphere where their workers could feel comfortable as much as possible. The following are some of the facilities put in place

Recreational facilities

Common room/ Cinema/ Music room

Internet service


Health care services

I have come to realize that the above doesn’t solve the problems listed earlier completely.

A. Communicating with family and loved ones regularly can be rewarding. Video call/ chat brings your loved ones close to you when compared to just phone calls.

Regular calls also have a way of making you feel among as you get to know almost all the daily activities of your close loved ones.

B. Going to work with some personal items that will make you relax during your stay away from home can’t be overemphasized. It may be difficult to be specific here because we all have different choices.

For some people, it could be books, some others drawing/ painting pads, some a particular movie series, others a TV program and others their laptop/ tablet/ phone.

C. Socializing with colleagues is important for your social life/ mental health. Already you are away from your family and familiar environment and living isolated life when you are away from home could make things worse.

D. Mindset: The mind develops on what it is fed on. As such, it is great for one to make up his/her mind that he or she is going to enjoy the job through the period at work

E. Make use of what is available: Getting the best from what is available at work is also a great way. Learn to make use of available recreational facilities, enjoy the food you see and learn to create your happiness.

The following are my thoughts on how such challenges can be eliminated or minimized. 

Conclusion: Just like people work in different environments, so are their needs different. Making your work environment conducive and friendly will improve the overall profitability of your organisation.


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